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Intervention Riser System (IRS)

The Helix Well Ops Intervention Riser System (IRS) enables access to both conventional and horizontal subsea trees in depths down to 3,000 meters. The IRS system combines rapid response with maximum operational flexibility to meet the specific intervention needs of high rate producing deepwater subsea assets. All required through-tubing subsea well operations can be safely serviced with the IRS system, with multi-disciplinary operations being conducted in a single mobilization.


  • Maximum bore diameter 7 3/8” production 2” annulus
  • Maximum working pressure 10,000 psi
  • Maximum working depth (MWD) 3,000 m (10,000ft)


Subsea Intervention Lubricator (SIL)


The Subsea Intervention Lubricator (SIL) pioneered and now sets the standard for riserless light well intervention. The 7 1/16” SIL creates a system that gives access to large bore subsea assets in deeper water and the ability to perform safe and efficient coiled tubing operations from a monohull vessel. The use of the SIL system typically generates cost savings of between 40% and 60% when compared to well intervention with a traditional mobile drilling rig.


  • 7 1/16” 10ksi WP
  • Hydraulic DHSV delay system
  • Kill Line capability
  • Redundancy Systems
  • 22 m toolstring capacity
  • Accumulation
  • Well barriers – umbilical lines
  • ROV panels for additional XT and miscellaneous controls
  • ROV override on primary well barriers
  • ROV override for Mandrel release

Vessel Deployment System

The Vessel Deployment System (VDS) is specifically designed to allow subsea intervention and


abandonment to be conducted from a vessel of opportunity. The VDS creates an over-stern moonpool work area with integral lifting frame and skidding system or can be positioned over a moonpool.


  • DNV CN 2.7.1
  • DNV Rule for Certification - Lifting Appliances
  • Main lift winch 35 Te active heave compensated
  • Guide / pod line winches 4 x 5 Te active heave compensated
  • Tuggers 2 x 10 Te
  • Total System Weight 80 Te approx.
  • Dimensions 17.5 m x 8 m x 11.5 m (58 ft x 27 ft x 38 ft) 

7 3/8” Subsea Intervention Device (SID)
The Subsea Intervention Device (SID) is a modular subsea lubricator that allows rigless intervention into subsea wells for production logging, well diagnostics, gas lift change out, production, well performance and reservoir optimization and reperforating operations.


  • APPEA compliant DNV CN 2.7.1
  • 7 3/8” Clear bore
  • 5000 psi ratin
  • Wire diameter: 3.175 mm (1/8”) slick line, 7.938 mm (5/16”) electric line
  • H2S service
  • Accommodates 39’ tool strings (upgradeable)
  • Full subsea well control capability
  • DNV certified to API requirements